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PG-Holding takarítás

Our aim is to provide a high quality service that meets all our customers' needs. This is ensured by:


  • qualified staff available on a permanent schedule
  • our employees wear uniforms and company badges during cleaning
  • we provide our staff with the following training:
  • - work and fire safety training in accordance with the site's regulations
  • - accident prevention education
  • - technology education
  • - education on quality assurance and environmental management systems


  • We only work with qualified, reliable suppliers.
  • We only use modern, environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment, which are licensed by the National Health and Safety Authority and the OETI.
  • Our company was among the first in Hungary to introduce green technology.


  • Our senior, managerial staff are highly experienced and skilled.
  • We use an outstanding quality control system marketed by us in Hungary.

    Our main areas of activity are:

  • office and office building cleaning
  • institution cleaning
  • cleaning of department stores, shopping centres
  • cleaning in factories and industrial areas
  • cleaning in healthcare institutions
  • cleaning in schools
  • underground garage cleaning
  • cleaning
  • window cleaning using traditional and alpine techniques
  • carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • special surface treatment
  • snow and ice removal
PG-Holding Zrt.

Technical operation

PG-Holding műszaki üzemeltetés

We provide a complex approach to the technical operation of facilities and buildings, which means that we provide our customers with the specialists they need for technical operation. In addition, we provide a continuous high quality service.

1. Expert technical presence and upkeep

Safe operation of mechanical, electrical and low-voltage systems 0-24 hours.

    2. External fault clearance

  • Provision of ad hoc (not repairable by local technicians) fault clearance services at a special rate, with 3 hours on call (06.00-22.00) and 6 hours off call (22.00-06.00)
  • To start repairing faults reported by local operating staff within 3 hours (06-22 hrs), 6 hours (22-06 hrs) from the time of reporting.
  • Depending on the nature of the incidental faults reported, the back-up staff will be dispatched to the site by a specialised field crew.

    Engineering services

    Our engineers:

  • ensure optimal, energy-saving parameterisation and operation of the subsystems (heating-cooling, ventilation, etc...), taking into account the functional needs of the building
  • carry out a continuous energy audit of the technical systems and, after taking the necessary interventions, make their own assessment and recommendations to the client
  • they are in constant contact with the energy suppliers (water, gas, electricity)
  • coordinate, control and document warranty maintenance performed by external companies
  • professionally supervise and document the regulatory and standardisation inspections carried out by external companies
  • professionally and technically supervise and document the construction works carried out by external companies on the site of the installation
  • liaise with the facility's designated contact managers to maintain a high level of service

4. Clog Management

We undertake the cleaning and unblocking of sewage drains, floor drainage systems, sinks, rainwater drainage systems. Our aim is to carry out cleaning without dismantling. We use our drain cleaning machines with serrated drilling and cutting ends to remove dirt and deposits on the pipe walls, and then use our high-pressure pipe cleaning equipment to flush the problematic drainage system. If necessary, we recommend a camera drain inspection to detect problem sections. The exact position of water stone deposits and sewer cracks can be easily determined. Our maintenance staff is on call from 0-24 hours, including weekends and public holidays, and cleaning tasks are carried out by our highly experienced colleagues using modern machinery.

PG-Holding Zrt.


PG-Holding kertészet

Our company undertakes all garden and park maintenance work on a weekly, monthly, periodic, occasional or contract basis, but we are also available for special tasks.

    Engineering services

    Our general garden and park maintenance service:

  • Spring-Winter Cleaning
  • pruning, hedge trimming
  • lawn maintenance (e.g. mowing, lawn aeration)
  • tillage, weeding, irrigation
  • planting of annual flowers
  • management of trees
  • plant protection, nutrient replenishment
  • winterisation
  • cleaning of pavements, pavements, parking lots
  • winter snow clearing, skid removal

Guarding - Security

PG-Holding örzés-védelem

This wide range of activities includes live protection of assets, protection by technical systems and complex security services. We provide our customers with a reliable, high quality guarding and protection service.

Our security staff have the necessary theoretical and practical experience in the field of security guarding and protection of companies, sites, office buildings, factories, higher education establishments, banks, hospitals and shopping centres.

    We operate a unique training and monitoring system for our security guarding (asset protection) service.

  • We provide continuous guarding of sites, office buildings, objects, logistic warehouses and other facilities
  • Control of vehicle traffic to detect shortages of goods and cargo
  • To maintain the normal operation of the facility with the assistance of security personnel (porter, reception, picking, patrol staff)
  • Store security, construction site security and cargo escort services with full guarantee
  • If necessary, in order to protect your assets, we will propose work and fire protection measures
  • The analysis of the safety situation is also of utmost importance, the level of risk factors is assessed by identifying the critical elements. We make proposals to develop a security concept, to issue the related security measures and regulations, to reduce the risk factors and, in this context, to optimise the cost of guarding (asset protection)

Our security staff are adapted to specific requirements and also have appropriate medical fitness

We only employ security guards who are qualified in accordance with Act CXXXIII of 2005 on the protection of persons and property.

Technical cleaning

PG-Holding műszaki takarítás


Years of experience in the cleaning industry have shown that customers often expect a fast and cost-effective solution from service providers, which requires maximum flexibility and continuous improvement of cleaning tools. In many cases, environmentally harmful chemicals cannot be used and the removal of solvents left over from cleaning is problematic

Our dry-ice cleaning tools can remove the most aggressive dirt without damaging the surface to be cleaned and without polluting the environment. During the cleaning process, carbon dioxide (dry ice), cooled to -79°C, is applied to the surface using high-pressure air. When some of the dry ice penetrates the dirt, the rapid cooling causes it to crack and lose its adhesion to the surface. The rebounding air removes the now frozen solid dirt from the surface and the dry ice evaporates and turns to gas.

    Dry ice spraying technology has been proven in many areas and is ideally suited for use in the following applications:

  • cleaning of kitchen hoods and air ducts
  • cleaning of food processing equipment
  • cleaning of buildings, facades
  • after fire, soot removal
  • cleaning of statues, monuments
  • removal of oils, greases, resins in the mechanical industry
  • cleaning of electrical equipment
  • cleaning of plastic and aluminium casting tools
  • removal of graffiti, chewing gum
  • removal of stickers from motor vehicles
  • paint removal
  • cleaning of printing machinery and equipment

    The many benefits of the technology:

  • the cleaning equipment is mobile and can be transported to the site
  • cleaning can be carried out without dismantling in most cases
  • no need to wait for drying, saving the customer a lot of time
  • cleaning without chemicals
  • environmentally friendly

does not cause any damage to the surface to be cleaned (no abrasive effect like sandblasting)


PG-Holding műszaki takarítás


Our company is engaged in the installation, service and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, including the execution of projects from design to turnkey delivery.

Cleaning of the ductwork associated with air conditioning installations using 21st century robotic technology is unique in the domestic market (i.e. no dismantling of air ducts, no dismantling of suspended ceilings, no use of chemicals that cause leaks). A two-way camera mounted on the robot continuously transmits images of the condition of the duct after cleaning, which are recorded on DVD.

The importance of air maintenance:

Today, there is an increasing focus on environmental protection, reducing air pollution and creating a healthy working and shopping environment. Facilities must meet increasingly stringent requirements. Air handling equipment is evolving with the times and the number of air handling units is increasing day by day. They must be properly maintained and cleaned. The cleaning of dust and various impurities deposited in fan air circulation systems requires expertise and specialised machinery.

Deposits in air ducts are not visible from the outside and their presence can be demonstrated by their effect on the room environment. A noticeable problem may be the reduction and deterioration of the quality of the ventilated air due to the contamination adhering to the surfaces of the ducts, which may cause respiratory problems, fatigue and general malaise for the occupants. Various pathogens and disease-causing bacteria can be detected in the air, and in patients with allergies, insufficient fresh air can lead to more severe symptoms.

In the event of fire, air ducts become a fire-carrying and fire-disseminating device due to the often flammable deposits they contain. There have been numerous cases where fire spread rapidly in inadequately maintained ventilation ducts. For firefighters, extinguishing air ducts is a difficult task, as they are often located behind suspended ceilings or behind various building elements that are difficult to access

Cleaning can save operating and maintenance costs, taking into account economic considerations. For a neglected air handling system, this can be several times higher, since the fans and their associated machine components are particularly sensitive to dirt due to rotating parts, and dirt deposited on the walls of the air ducts significantly increases the energy consumption of the system.

Regular maintenance is essential for their economical operation and long life.

    With our technology:

  • No need to dismantle ducts, dismantle suspended ceilings or use chemicals that cause leaks. Minimal downtime.
  • Suitable for all duct sizes (up to 60-1200mm)
  • Specially developed brush system for efficient cleaning in corners
  • The dirt cleaned by the brushes is collected by high-efficiency fans in a filter bag capable of separating 0,3μm dust particles. Can be used safely in sterile environments
  • The bi-directional camera mounted on the robot continuously transmits images of the inside of the air duct after cleaning, which are recorded on DVD.

Our team for air duct cleaning offers you a solution, we guarantee the effectiveness of our work. Our tools are specifically designed for this field. With our robotic technology and air duct cleaning tools, we can perform full cleaning in a cost-effective and short time.

PG-Holding műszaki takarítás


Our company is engaged in the service, maintenance and installation of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, including the execution of projects from design to turnkey delivery. Our company has contractual relations with several companies that manufacture and distribute air conditioning systems that are well known and popular on the market. We are very pleased that most of our customers have been contracting with us for many years, which has allowed us to build up a good and deep partnership

Refrigerators / chillers:

Our company undertakes the supply, installation and commissioning of the following types of refrigeration equipment from design to turnkey delivery. We are in direct contact with the manufacturer or his foreign partner and can therefore supply the requested equipment at competitive domestic prices.

Our products include a wide range of liquid chillers, roof-tops, direct evaporative coolers, ammonia systems, deep-freeze aggregators in low capacity and industrial designs, fan-coils, silent and ventilation chillers. Our range of products is constantly expanding, so please contact our customer service directly.

  • Carrier
  • Gea-Happel
  • Trane
  • Ilka-Mafa

Air handling systems:

Our company is ready to undertake the design, procurement, manufacture with individual parameters if required, and turnkey delivery of air handling systems, assembled on site, complete with strong and weak current configuration, with regulation and measurement reports.

We have good partnerships with several major manufacturers: DEPAIR, GEA-HAPPEL, CARRIER, HUNGAROPANOL.

We have supplied many customers with parts for air handling enclosures. We can supply any component, tool, material and sub-assembly to build a complete air handling cabinet to high professional standards. Of course we are ready to undertake the complete assembly from the design phase to the installation on site

PG-Holding műszaki takarítás


Service and maintenance is one of the key success areas of our company. We work with the only fleet of instruments, target tools and specially trained technicians in the country. To the best of our knowledge, we are unique on the market in successfully integrating vibration diagnostics services into the maintenance of air conditioning systems. This profile includes, for example, laser shaft alignment, dynamic balancing, industrial vibration diagnostics, which is an indispensable prerequisite for high quality maintenance activities

This activity is carried out with computerised recording, vibration trend analysis and engineering support. Our service trucks travel the country on a non-stop on-call basis in order to serve our customers at short notice.

In addition to the aforementioned fleet of instruments, we are able to mobilise a valuable stock of spare parts for immediate on-site service. We have on-site stocks of bearings, belts, seals, various lubricants, refrigerant gases, filters and automatic and circuit components worth millions of forints.

The maintenance activity does not end with the completion of the work on site, but after a precise storage, documentation and evaluation of the measured data, we will develop a proposal for a more economic operation, accompanied by economic and return on investment calculations.

In addition to the cleaning process, we also provide the heat exchanger blocks of air handling systems with a disinfectant coating that removes and protects the lamellae against Listeria, Pneumo-coccus, Gonococcus, Legionella, Retroviruses and fungi for six months. Of course, we also provide the drip trays with this bactericidal and fungicidal protection which meets the most stringent standards

During the cleaning process we use special multi-component chemicals and dedicated equipment, which also galvanically treats the heat exchanger fins to protect them against corrosion and ensure better thermal contact.


Snow removal

PG-Holding hóeltakarítás

To the great satisfaction of our returning customers, we periodically extend our range of services each year with snow clearance and snow maintenance; from 1 November to 15 March we offer the above activities on a flat-rate or occasional basis.

    We offer the following flat-rate services:

  • our colleagues will arrive on site within the contractually agreed time from the snowfall and start snow clearing and de-snowing. The activity will continue until the snow has fallen or the designated areas and roadways have been properly cleared
  • When using materials for de-icing, we always take into account the customer's requests and operator's instructions.

    We also undertake the following as part of an occasional service:

  • snow removal and de-icing; in such cases, the time and equipment of our staff depend on the available capacity of our company. Customers with flat-rate services have priority in all cases

We have a team equipped with vehicles and equipment to provide this service.

Energy management

PG-Holding energiagazdalkodás

Our energy management activities include energy auditing, consulting, renewable energy application and implementation, and operation. With an engineering background, we also design and construct solar collector, solar panel, heat pump and wind generator systems.

As companies' budgets shrink and environmental legislation becomes more stringent, one of the keys to remaining competitive in the market is to ensure that buildings perform better.

This is why we also offer thermographic (thermal imaging) inspection of buildings, calculation of their thermal demand, and, if required, building insulation, as well as energy efficiency improvements for mechanical and electrical installations to reduce lighting energy consumption.

Have you ever thought about making your building work? To run your buildings at the lowest possible cost, it is essential to have a mechanical and electrical system that ensures energy-efficient operation. And to manage energy efficiently, you need a comprehensive building management software and a comprehensive building automation system. The software is an essential tool for good decision making, while the building automation system provides data, measurements, operational signals, fault indications, maintenance signals and executes switching programmes

Our business can help you discover the potential of your building and reduce your energy costs by up to 30 percent.

Vibration diagnostics

PG-Holding műszaki takarítás

In the following, we would like to provide information about the instruments, measurements and documentation used in our activities. During each maintenance, a complete vibration spectrum of the bearings of the rotating machines is recorded and stored in the instrument's own memory at each measuring point. Thousands of measurement points can be recorded on our diagnostic instrument, which has been transferred to a computer

Using the diagnostic software for the measuring system, each bearing and machine component is evaluated on the basis of the recorded spectrum, stored by location, path and machine unit.

From the available database, the software determines the critical alarm levels, the degree of wear and tear of the machine, the expected further service life of the machine and makes recommendations for planning maintenance activities. This enables condition-based maintenance to be carried out, allowing maximum utilisation of machine parts and avoiding unnecessary premature replacement of parts. These requirements are significantly helped by our laser shaft alignment instrument, which helps to adjust the machine shafts to an accuracy of 0.01 mm parallelism, angular misalignment and to achieve the in-plane running of belt pulleys and belt drives

Our diagnostic activities are supported by our electrical machine tester, which can measure and diagnose electrical faults in electrical machines such as thread leakage, coil leakage, rotor faults, caliper drive faults, inductance problems, etc. in minutes

In addition to our diagnostic instruments, our cutting-edge repair tools help us to do our job. Hydraulic bearing wipers, inductive bearing heaters, oil pressure tools, jacks, press air wrenches, etc.