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Good quality and efficient operation are essential for all entities. Therefore, after thorough preparation, we have initiated our ISO audit by establishing transparent processes, in the process of which our company has been successfully certified for its operating system in compliance with the quality and environmental management standards MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 and 14001:2005.


The PG-Holding Zrt. is one of the exceptional Hungarian companies that have complied with the strictest conditions set by the Dun & Bradstreet international rating system.


We have a strong focus on safe service for the benefit of our customers. Our liability insurance program coverage protects you against any damage that can be proven to be attributable to our company.

The insurance provides cover - based on local coverage - with the following limits: HUF 300 million per year and HUF 100 million per claim.

    Insured risks:

  • pollution liability insurance
  • Service liability insurance
  • employers' liability insurance

    General, for damage caused to a third party outside the contract:

  • for personal injury,
  • for damage to property caused by non-contractual third parties,
  • other damage to property attributable thereto and
  • may be enforced against pollution caused by us

The territorial scope of the insurance covers the whole territory of Hungary. Another insurance directly protects the interests of our Customers

Cleaners' service liability insurance provides for liability for damages up to HUF 100 million per claim, including our subcontractors, for any damage occurring during the performance of services under the contractor's contract

A authority certificate of good repute is an essential condition for starting work with our company. All new colleagues are subject to careful background checks. Furthermore, our employees sign a confidentiality agreement, as requested by our clients, thus enhancing information protection!



PG-Holding környezetpolitika

PG-Holding Zrt. has implemented an environmental management system based on the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standard in order to minimise the environmental impact of its services.

We consider compliance with environmental legislation and the prevention of pollution as far as possible to be an important principle.

    We therefore aim:

  • to give preference to "environmentally friendly" products and equipment in our purchases and investments. An outstanding example of this is the Tennant ech2o chemical-free cleaning machine we already use, which, thanks to a special technology, is not only completely chemical-free, but just as efficient as conventional chemical processes, using significantly less water.
  • to complete the selective collection of waste generated
  • to ensure the economical use of water
  • to protect the environment
  • and energy conservation
  • the hazardous waste generated by our activities is collected, stored and disposed of safely and separately in accordance with the legislation
  • we ensure the safe storage of the necessary chemicals and hazardous substances, thus preventing any risk of damage to the environment or to persons

The environmental management system of PG-Holding Zrt. is continuously reviewed and improved to ensure efficient operation and continuously improving performance

To train its employees in the operation of the environmental management system and to continuously update their knowledge with new information

Informs its partners about the environmental impacts of its activities, ensuring continuous environmental communication.


Professional relationship:

    Our company is a member of the Hungarian Cleaning - Technology Association [], which is an organisation:

  • provides professional and economic information to its members by organising lectures, debates, training and courses
  • represents the membership on economic matters affecting all or most of its members
  • monitors compliance with current environmental legislation

A brief and comprehensive description of PG-Holding Zrt. activities provides an insight into the types of work in the areas that make up the overall facilities management activity, including synergies


The main objective of PG-Holding Zrt. is to perform the tasks within its scope of activity to a high standard in accordance with national and international quality management requirements.

To ensure the high quality of our service, we expect and encourage continuous training of our professionals. A quality-oriented attitude and efficiency are essential requirements in the selection of our suppliers and in our partnerships.

Our Quality Management is supported by a Quality Management Manager who, independently of his other responsibilities, has autonomous powers of action in this area.

PG-Holding Zrt.’s provisions of the "Quality and Environmental Management Manual" are binding for all our employees.

Our company considers the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management standard as the guideline for its quality management activities.